Bonjour French Bakery

Holy Crap. I thank my friend for telling me this place exists.  I stopped in this cheery purple coffee and pastry shop early on a Monday morning. IMG_2208 The barista was super sweet with a calm quiet tone – something I much appreciate early in the morning. I didn’t ask for a fancy coffee, just an iced brew (come on folks, I am sure you are not surprised)…

It was brilliantly mild and smooth.  I didn’t add any sugar – just a little cream.  I can do a medium roast coffee without much additions, just most places give me a dark bitter roast.  Not Bonjour – these guys use coffee beans from Orinoco, a small, fair trade coffee roaster in Maryland.  I did get to see the barista’s handywork as she handed out a few beautiful coffee milk froth designed lattes.

I realized as I walked in that I forgot my yogurt for breakfast.  Luckily though, they have tons of choices.  Not my go to egg sammich, but lots of quiche and pastries.  I went with a sweet cheese croissant.  They have chocolate one and tons of sweet looking treats, but I like a little my breakfast a little more on the savory side.  I must admit, they claim to be French, but I have never been to France, so I have no complaints…

It was a perfect combo with my coffee.  What a great way to escape a Starbucks!!!
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The Corner Pantry

I like this cafe IMG_2185and forget about all the fantastic choices up this way in Mount Washington.  I spend plenty of time in Mt. Washington Village and the surrounding area – I should come up here more.   The Corner Pantry is in the Lake-Falls Village, which doesn’t exactly feel like a spot for this lovable cafe.
The minute you walk in, there is a little bit of a trendy vibe – with the subway tiles and the chalkboard.  But, the menu is delightful and extensive. IMG_2184
I was really hoping for a breakfast sammich, but they only serve those till 11am; you can still grab a muffin or pastry, but I was hungrier than that.  Luckily, there are a ton of choices for lunch – including a build your own salad bar and a bunch of items that change regularly on “the counter” that you pay for by the pound. They can also make your favorite coffee beverage if you need a morning or afternoon pick me up – be sure to ask for a drink loyalty card.
I went for the Turkey Sarnie (which they tell ya is British for Sandwhich).  It comes all wrapped up and served in a paper bag.
Two huge slices of focaccia that are topped with turkey, cheddar, tomato and avocado salsa,  and charred jalapeño aioli.  With my first bite, I wasn’t sure I liked it – it had a funny flavor – I think it was the charred jalapeño.  But after bite two, the flavors really blended together and I was sad when I finished it.  They also give you a small little bag of salt and vinegar chips; I love fresh kettle cooked chips!
IMG_2186So… two more things.
How do you not love a place that has a pup dog wearing a crown stamped on the bag?  Too cute.
And even better than that?  They have a sandwich made with waffles as the bread, that they smother with basil mayo, and layer with tons of smoked bacon, roast chicken, julienned romaine and tomato.

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Baltimore’s Best Pizza

Pizza is so good. Who doesn’t like pizza??  Many places have pie options on their menu – so so many, I lost count as I was trying to recall…

At any rate, Here are my top three:

What can I say about Matthews that I haven’t already said here. IMG_1934
Glorious deep dish style pizza with a range of toppings.  I usually opt for tomato and green pepper. This is comfort pizza at its best. They only do eat in or take out – plus they love our environment and don’t use pizza boxes.  Go. Go. Right. Now. Their small is plenty for one and their large is the perfect amount to split between two people, when you are hungry.

Iggies – this little BYOB spot on Calvert in Mount Vernon  certainly does not get enough credit.  They do creative combinations, plus you can build your own. Iggie's Pizza on Urbanspoon These pizzas are a little on the small side and they do at thin thin crust. You will mostly likely want two if you are sharing. That usually works out; they will have at least three combos you will want to try. I suggest you try anything they have with the fresh veggies or herbs. I don’t know how they do it, but everything is always cooked perfectly so that you can taste each individual vegetable and a medley of their flavors.

Birroteca – once again, I have much more detail here, but I have loved every bite of every pizza I have tried, with the exception of the bland veggie pizza. Sorry veggies – and I am normally a fan.   These pizzas are large as Birroteca encourages family style dinning.  I can’t tell you what to choose, but if I could it would be the Duck, Duck, Goose. Done.

We are in such a foodie town and there are pizza’s all over this city. I can’t wait to try them all. Do not misunderstand me, I am a huge fan of Hersch’s, HomeSlyce, Toss, and Never on Sunday. I also still need to try town favorites …. Plus, I am still coveting that incredible square/rectangular to sheet pizza. Come on guys! Help a girl out.