Waterfront Hotel

Contrary to what the name says, this place is not a hotel – it is a bar.  IMG_2209And they make some decent bar food.  I haven’t decided if the WTF Hotel logo is clever or lame; nevertheless it is everywhere.  These guys also do live music overnight starting at 10pm – their website and chalkboard inside lists the bands for the month.

I went on a Tuesday for Charm City Trivia (we came in 4th – not to shabby…).  They don’t seem to have trivia specials, but they do have a decent number of specials.  I chose the Washington Hills Sav Blanc from the two $5 choices.  It was fine – much sweeter than I like.  I eventually switched to the same winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

It was taco night – so I went with tacos.  I didn’t get the special ($2 per taco) – although it sounded great, it was a little more breakfasty than I was craving – chorizo and potato. IMG_2210 I went with the pork belly tacos.  Two  white corn tortillas wrapped around a large chunk of slow braised pork belly sitting on top of a bed of lime marinated cabbage.  They add a little sweetness with a house made mango bbq sauce and top the whole thing with some fried onions.  It usually comes with fries, but I have that love hate relationship with fries – so I got the salad instead.  Their house dressing is a slightly creamy citrus vinaigrette.  It was tangy, but sweet and the salad was a winner – mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots.  I love it when a bar can make a decent salad.

My friends had the chicken cheesesteak and the burger, both with fries.  I think the black and blue burger one that battle.
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Brunch, Brunch, Brunch, Brunch.  Wait, have I mentioned how much I like brunch?  Weird, once you type it 5 times, it no longer looks like a word.

It took a while, but Langermann’s has finally come around to offering a normal brunch (as in later than 12) – well sort of – they still play jazz.  But, in the summer it doesn’t much matter, because you can sit outside, get away from the music and still have the wonderful food.  The brunch menu has also been expanded – as in more than 12 things.  I think they actually have 6 types of Benedict’s.

I have been switching up my orders – sometimes the crab cake benny and the sometimes the friend green tomato benny.  I always, always get the grits though.  In fact one morning, I think I only had the grits.  They use an heirloom grit from Georgia.  I didn’t know I like grits until I tried these.  Langermann’s gets them directly from the mill right after they have been stone ground.  If you have ever been on the fence about trying grits – go here, try these.  I like them just as they are, but you can get all sorts of toppings from cheese to brown sugar.

I like Langermann’s – they aren’t my most favorite place for brunch.  Their coffee is a little bitter for me.  Plus, I think they tend to serve a fairly bland plate.  Nevertheless, I have a good friend.  It is her absolutely most favorite spot for brunch.  She loves this place – she always, always orders the Yucatan benny – your normal eggs Benedict with a somewhat spicy sausage patty.  As in, that’s the only thing she has ever ordered in the last 3 years.  It’s kind of funny, because she can be swayed to go our for brunch the moment I mention Langermann’s.

For those who prefer sunday brunch – they also have that – buffet style.  Same menu, but all the bacon, sausage, grits and potatoes you can eat.  Tons of biscuits and house made jelly.  Plus, I think they ditch the loud jazz music.  I feel a little bad, the jazz is good, its just not always what I want on a Saturday or Sunday morning, especially if I had some extra fun on Friday…

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Nickel Taphouse

I have been trying to get to this little Mount Washington hot spot since they opened. I waited a while because of my arbitrary 90 day rule, and then it fell off my radar for a little while. These are the same folks who run Biroteca.

There are about 30 or so beers on tap and even more in cans and bottles.  Even though they are partnered with Evolution Brewery out of Salisbury, they don’t push you; they will recommend lots of choices and are bound to have your favorite style. I wasn’t feeling it as I was still quite dehydrated from my outdoor Bikram yoga class.  They do have a great unsweet tea.

Nickel Taphouse courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

Just like their sister restaurant, they have large portions which can be easily shared. My mom’s baby kale salad came in a bowl then size of a small serving platter. They topped it with golden raisins and very large, but thinly sliced fennel and radishes. The salad came with two poached eggs, I’m not why we were expecting them to be warm – but they were not. It took a minute to get accustomed to a cold, but still slightly runny egg yolk.  I liked it, but cold eggs seem a little weird – although – we eat hard boiled ones that are cold.  I kinda wish we had done the quinoa or the beet salad as both also sounded interesting and full of fresh seasonal flavors.

I went for the Nickel burger with the “works”: a 5 oz patty on toasted brioche bun topped with bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and slathered with their own Nickel Sauce – a tangy BBQ style sauce.  It was quite good – aiming for a spot on my best burger list. Flavor wise, they make a mean burger. The grass fed Roseda beef was tender and certainly flavorful. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons they aren’t going to make it based on this visit. First, it was much closer to well than my medium temperature ask and  the LTO topper was kinda wilty with mushy tomato, certainly not their best showing.  The other complaint is the burger to bun ratio – the burger was a little small in thickness for the bun and certainly in radius. I don’t like it while you’re first bite is just bread – which is generally the reason, I cut my burgers in half.  I thought this might be because they also have a “dime” sized burger… That’s 10oz if you we following the math and their logic – but when I asked, it’s just two of the five ounce patties.  I also did not like the cole slaw – it was too peppery and covered in pickles.  I know I am one of those crazies who doesn’t want pickles with my burger.

Overall, I liked these guys – and so does a fellow blogger.

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