Baltimore’s Best Burgers

It should come as no surprise, that this girl loves a great burger.  I have had quite a few burgers all over Baltimore.  I like flavorful, succulent, beef patties – and most certainly a patty cooked to a nice pink medium. Yes, the toppings matter, but I can be pleased with tons of combinations.  It generally depends on my mood – a little LTO and a side a mayo, or bacon and blue cheese, or a fried egg and guacamole, I could go on… and on… and on…

My top favorites in Charm City are:

The Crosstown Burger from the Hamilton Tavern – their beef is locally farmed and then is dry aged.  What I love about these guys is their burger to brioche bun ratio – perfect – neither the bread nor the burger are overwhelmed.  There is also something that makes me happy about shredded lettuce on burgers – rather than one slice that makes the burger bun slide all over the place.  Plus, Crosstown Burger has a little kick – with the horseradish cheddar and if you fancy, you can add bacon and a fried egg or both….  They do a Burger night on Mondays with a specialty burger and a beer for $16.  I haven’t made it yes, but will be soon… Oh, and take your vegetarian friends with you, they make a mean veggie burger.

Maggie’s Farm – just a hop skip and a jump down Harford Road – also has one heck of a burger.  They change it ever so often, but the last time I was there – it was a super tall burger that had to be cut in half.  This burger is big; the last time I was there, I split the burger and a couple of apps (and maybe a dessert :-)).  At any rate, their mouthwatering burger was a Creekstone Farms beef – thick, rich, and super juicy.  When I was enjoying, it was loaded with a an aged cheddar, bacon jam, lettuce and a fried egg.  YUM! The egg does ooze a little over the burger and it can be a little messy, so be careful or wear a shirt that will hide the stains.

Lastly, check out Alonso’s on Coldspring Avenue.  They have about 17 different styles and toppings and two choices of 1lb patties – also a Creekstone beef burger or local gunpowder bison.  I do like their señor burger with guac and pepper jack cheese, but my favorite is their Frenchie burger.  The brioche bun slathered with an herbed mayo and then they stack baby spinach and brie on top of the enormous, toothsome patty.  They also have a deal on Monday’s – $5 off.

JD’s Smokehouse on the square Canton should get an honorable mention.  Their burgers are spot on and you can choose from a gazillion styles.  Wednesdays is the day to go – half price.

I also think Pete’s Grille on Greenmount deserves a nod.  I usually just get a classic burger with LTO and mayo.  There is only takeout and counter service here.  In fact, you can watch them prepare your food to order.  They are cash only and really quick, so you can usually stop in for lunch before they close just after 1pm.   You can’t find a better burger for $5.

I am sure there are about 307 or so that I haven’t tried, so please feel free to leave me a suggestion…

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