Baltimore’s Best Crab Cakes

I had this grand idea of visiting some new places and doing a crab cake bracket, but it didn’t quite happen.  At any rate, this city has some mouth-watering crab cakes.  It is on the bay, after all.  I am rather picky on my crab cakes.  I don’t like a lot of mustard flavor or much filler (I mean, I love bread, but toasted and buttered…)  I like lumps of crab, but prefer an authentic crab flavor.  I like the outside to be a little crisp and the middle to be warm and creamy.  And I usually only top with a little fresh lemon.

My favorites in Charm City are:

Thames Street Oyster House – has one of the best crab cakes I have ever tasted.  The cast iron skillet and ginormous crab cake are a winner.  They serve it with lima baked beans and cauliflower – also good.  But, let’s be real, they are completely over shadowed by the jumbo lump crab cake.  There are large chunks of lump meat.  Exactly what I like, crispy, crunchy outside for texture and a creamy crabby flavor.

Blue Hill Tavern – I must say, they had my favorite crab cake (that is until I had Thames Street’s).  I usually get it on a salad, but they serve theirs with a buttery roasted corn and potato hash.  Their cake is a little smaller and doesn’t have as much jumbo lump meat, but it has an intense creamy crab flavor.   They are only slightly better than Thames Street in the sense that they aren’t so crowded and you can usually get a table.

I must say that Faidleys Seafood, in Lexington Market, deserves a shout out.  Their jumbo lump crab cake is ginormous and only $13 – it comes with a saltine and lettuce and tomato – classic Baltimore Style.  No fussy stuff and zero filler – just crab.  I am also a fan of Gertrude’s crab cake.  I got the normal one with my egg’s benny, so I didn’t get the full crab cake experience – but it has great lump meat/crab meat texture and a wonderful old bay flavor.  John Stevens has a decent crab cake – nice texture, but a little too watery for me – although, I’m told that I did not get their best showing.

I haven’t been to a lot of places in the county, but do find G&M’s crab cake tasteless and full of filler; in other words totally overrated.  Sadly, I didn’t get to Koco’s or Pierpoint or Duda’s, who are each also known for great crab cakes.  I promise to keep you posted.  Oh, and if I walk into an extra $1500, I will check out the center club – no promises on that one…

If you have a different fav. – please let me know.

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