Tribeca Coffee Roasters

Tribeca Coffee Roasters makes a great cold brewed coffee.  I was running late for work and pass this place all the time.  I am not sure why this spot was empty or why all the people are standing in line for Starbucks, when this place is right across the street.

I was able to grab 2 cups of joe – in under three minutes – and that even included some cheeky banter with the barista.  And, thank goodness the barista suggested I try the cold brew before adding cream and sure.  It was so smooth and definitely had the perfect awakening aromas.  I didn’t add any sugar, and only added a little cream.

This was definitely not my last stop here.  It’s a great space with free wifi, perfect lighting – and appears to stay rather calm.  Maybe I shouldn’t write such a positive review – everyone will know my new secret spot.
Tribeca Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon

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