Maggie’s Farm

It’s not really fair for me to write about this place here, since this blog is really about me trying new things.  And, we all know how I feel about their burger… But, I had never been for brunch… does that count?  Maggie’s Farm is on Harford Road in Lauraville.  So, combining a farm to table style place that grows a fair amount of their food on site with my favorite meal is my idea of a great Saturday.

I was famished and immediately ordered coffee and donuts (please, don’t be shocked… don’t half my posts involve donuts?).  Take a look at what we started with.  Those are three house made to order crispy and soft yeast style donuts; they are light and airy rather than dense and cakey. The left one is a blueberry bourbon donut – the blueberry definitely complemented the bourbon, which you could taste, but did not overwhelm.  The middle, which was not my favorite is your classic chocolate drizzle over an amazing candied dough.  The one on the right, there, my absolute fav… Wineberry – have you heard of wineberries?  They are apparently less hairy raspberries.  This sugarcoated bite of goodness had just the right amount of tart and sweet along with crunch and gooeyness.  All three were sitting atop of a mound of house made whipped cream.IMG_2067

Our entree’s were good, incredibly savory and satisfying.

I opted for the special: fried green tomatoes Benedict that came with deviled ham.  My egg’s could have been poached a little longer, but there was a sweet red sauce that really balanced the spicy meat and crunchy tomatoes.  This benny beats a Langermann’s fried green tomato benny EVERY time.  I am not sure that the ham was my favorite part, but I still ate every bite of this breakfast including the entire potato hash.

I was having brunch with my mom and I chose the Benedict when we both wanted the veggie pancakes.  Zucchini and squash creating a fritter style patty.  Her pancakes were savory rather than sweet and came with sautéed and roasted veggies – snap peas, squash, tomato – and topped with perfectly poached eggs and the same hollandaise as mine.  The pancakes were slightly spongy, but the veggies were so very crisp and flavorful.

Maggie’s Farm for Life…  I need one of those bumper stickers. Maggie's Farm on Urbanspoon

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