Have you been here?  Craft pizza, craft beer, craft cocktails!?!

I come every so often – it’s a little off the beaten path, so I sometimes forget about it.  It turns out they are great for groups; I hosted an alumni happy hour here, and the server, Dave, was spot on.  He had all of our checks perfectly and managed to deal with over 20 separate checks.  I don’t recommend any of you put your server through that, but he deserves some credit.

They have great happy hour specials – $5 beers and wines. Birroteca also has an inspired menu that encourages family style sharing. I went with a charcuterie and cheese plate (surprised?) with prosciutto, copa, an aged cheddar, blue style goat cheese and robiola (soft and creamy like brie).  Plenty of bread and fancy toppings that truly enhance the flavors, especially the candied walnuts and the stewed tomatoes – I need to find out where they hide that spice.

I also shared in some of the calamari.  I think they have THE BEST CALAMARI in the city and possibly best ever.  I don’t always tell everyone it’s not fried, for fear that they will not order it.  Its sautéed – in a lemony, garlicky, capery, olive oil.  I have never had calamari that has been cooked, not fried and manages avoid being rubbery or tough.  They have one hell of a chef.

I was super lucky and there were a bunch of folks around who offered to share their pizza.  I had nibbles of several different ones.  The prosciutto pizza – a slightly spicy red sauce topped with cheese, prosciutto, arugula and melted tomatoes.  The sausage pizza is just what is sounds – fantastic spicy fennel sausage on a traditional red sauce and mozz cheese pizza.  My favorite of the night is only for us accidental foodies.  They call it the Duck, Duck, Goose – there isn’t a red sauce on this one – the sauce is a combo of balsamic vinegar, Asiago, fontina, and fig jam.  They top this pizza with duck confit and a sunny side up duck egg – whaaaaa?!   Go.  Go Now.  Get that pizza.  You might wanna play that kids game while you wait, but as soon as the pizza arrives, you will be moving quickly into musical chairs.


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