Even though, I don’t venture out of the city very often, Cunningham’s has been on my list for a while and they were have a 25% off brunch special. I love brunch and it was a great chance to see one of my favorite bartenders – Justin!

The place is a little confusing for a city gal like me. IMG_2070 They have valet, but you have to pull into the garage to find the valet.  There is an arrow, but it wasn’t clear if they were saying pull over in front of the restaurant or turn into the garage.  From there, you end up in the lobby.  Luckily, I drove past the restaurant looking for the valet, so I knew the arrow with the symbol was directing me to the restaurant.  We were given a great four top next to the window, but I rather look at the restaurant than the Fidelity building in Towson.  I really like the decor of this place.  Very clean lines with a modern yet classy feel. I also loved our Greek server Lazaros.

Now, to the reason we are all here – the food. We both started with coffee instead of mimosa’s – which will be bottomless for $12. The menu looked very appealing. Since we couldn’t decide, we both went with the $30 prefixed menu.
IMG_2068I started with the yogurt, seasonal berries and house made granola.  A large bowl of slightly tart, but thick yogurt with tons of fresh raspberries.  The granola was sweet and cinnamony.  I think it was mostly oats and a few almonds.  I would have preferred a little more of it and a drizzle of honey. The parfait was just lacking a little something.
My mom went with the quiche.IMG_2069 I think the first thing she said was, “I don’t know how you are going to find words to describe this.” It was a huge piece given that it was a first course and from the small plates section of the menu with bacon, spinach, leeks and potato. Maybe I don’t eat much quiche and they are normally this custardy. This heavenly open faced egg pastry was delicate, flavorful and filling – but could have been improved with a little salt or heat.

I was quite satisfied, and we still had two courses to go. IMG_2071 I am not usually one for sweet, but I was couldn’t get past the brioche french toast. Thick slices of toast perfectly frenched – browned and crisp on the outside, but still soft and fluffy. Cunningham’s topped it with a savory apple cardamom compote, watermelon cubes, and a little yogurt. My perfect combination of sweet and savory.  IMG_2072Continuing with the egg theme, my mom went for the omelet.  I am so happy because I really wanted to taste it.  The perfectly golden french omelet – creamy and buttery – filled with roasted mushrooms, house smoked ham, Gruyère and topped with scallions.  I forgot how much I like omelets – I have a feeling I will be switching out some of my egg’s bennys.

The third and final course – dessert – I really don’t know which I liked better. IMG_2074I started with macerated cherries and succulent berries. The berries came with a sweet berry sorbet on top of graham cracker crumbs. My favorite part was the little creamy nuggets and the warm buckwheat muffins. IMG_2075My mom had the lemon curd cream cake that came with a blueberry sorbet. How do they keep the zesty lemon flavor so intense without it being overly sugary or overly tart?? Probably the same way they make sorbet that isn’t the least bit grainy and still tastes like fruit.
A fellow blogger has also been to the cafe – check out her review!
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