Waverly Brewing Company

This delightful little gem is a welcome addition to the Hampden and Woodberry area.  It’s a little, shall we say, rustic or maybe lumberjack style.  A large wooden bar, huge high top communal tables and even some taxidermy heads on the wall.   I stopped in for a friend’s birthday party, where they had reserved a large high top table in the back where they do the brewing.  They even left us this helpful sign.


Despite that this is a brewery, they have some decent wine choices – an El Libre Malbec – which makes it great for my group, who isn’t particularly fond of beer.  I tend to lean toward wheat, unfiltered, or hefeweizen style beer.  They didn’t have one tap, so I went for my next favorite thing – a beer with coriander.  They call it an American Pale Ale, but it isn’t super hoppy, and definitely full of lemon and coriander.  And I like it when a place doesn’t charge your for a little taste when you are deciding.

Just a note – these guys do not serve food, yet, but they have a few caterers that are helping out.  I can’t wait to head back – and try the Clementine Wheat Beer they have on tap now.

All the photo cred to Janet…  and a big Happy Birthday, Simon.