R. House – Stall 11

I remember the days when the Anderson Honda car show room was on this corner.  Thank goodness the wonderful Seawall Development Co. for believing in Remington enough to bring this ginormous space.  I am mostly enjoying R. House; some room to grow… but a beautiful addition to the area.  There are 10 or so vendors in this foodhall, but my favorite so far has been Stall 11.  This became even more true when I spent the month of February as a vegan.

I love that these guys do different sizes of dishes – ranging from smoothies to salads to large sandwiches.  They also have a few breakfast items; one of these days, I’ll stop in for breakfast.  They are slightly pricier than some of the other stalls, but the portions are worth it.

Stall 11 is all vegan and vegetarian brought to us by Chef Melanie Molinaro and parter Urban Pastoral, a local hydroponic farm – creating that farm to fork innovation that I am falling in love with.