Baby’s on Fire

Mount Vernon is loaded with coffee shops, yet Baby’s on Fire finds a way to create an its own niche.  From the moment you walk in there is a welcoming vibe.  It is tucked off the main drag – on Morton St. just south of Chase St.  I would expect it to be empty, but it has been filled every time I’ve walked in.  With a bunch of four-tops, folks tend to share their tables and their conversation with strangers. A refreshing feeling in a city that can feel somewhat divided as of late.

The spot is owned by two music loving locals and designed to be a place where you can fill  your caffeine fix and browse the vinyl music selection while waiting for your coffee. I peered through the bins, taking a look at the selection – a mix of common artists and some I have never heard of.  They are often tempting you with some of their choices by playing a musical selection throughout the cafe.  There is really something different about the way the music sounds from a record on great speakers.  Here is the spot to check it out if you have forgotten or are too young to remember record ever existed.

I am a fan of Stumptown Coffee, our of Portland, Or.  Ok, if you read this blog, you know I am a fan of most coffees.  On this particular day I tried the Crimson and Clove’r.  The barista’s are quick and talented.  I had mine to go, so I lacking a photo of the latte art.  I forget that lattes have too much milk for me, but I loved the flavor of this drink – plus, it reminded me a little of Joan Jett’s version when she was here for Artscape a few years back.  This was a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet.  Clever drink names –  perfectly paired with the theme of the coffeehouse.

Chef and Owner – Shirlé Hale-Koslowski – are bringing tasty morsels, that you can grab on the go.  I went for the Albini Panini – a country white bread sandwhich that is stuffed with salty Proscuitto, a slather of rich pesto, fresh, creamy mozzarella and kale – all that yummy goodness is pressed together to add some crunch and some appetizing grill marks. There are food choices for all types of diets though: vegetarian and vegan panini’s,  fun pastries, and bagels with toppings.


I really need to do more manicures if i am going to take pics of food in the air.

I recommend these guys for the coffee lover, music lover and of course if you need a quick bite.  The food isn’t super heavy – but perfect for a lunch on the go.  (The above sandwich comes with chips). Plus, they gave me swag!

Have you been here, yet?  What’s been your favorite?