Next Stops

I have been collecting a list of restaurants, bars, diners and dives for a few years now.  Most are places that people or magazines have recommended.  Some are places I have driven past and thought looked interesting (that judging a book by its cover thing – doesn’t apply to food, right?).  In truth – sometimes OpenTable, Zomato, and Yelp do give me a few ideas. I have been periodically checking some places off; I actually thought it would be much longer.  Lucky for me, Baltimore is continually opening new places.  And there are lots of neighborhoods to try.  Some of you might find some of these surprising; I know I have lived here 10 years and still haven’t hit a few Baltimore classics.  Yes, it’s terrible, but it’s still true…

So, to the list, in alphabetical order:

Please make some suggestions…

*places I have had drinks, but have not enjoyed a meal.

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